Major differences of Visitor Insurance offered in the United States

The major difference of visitor insurance offered in the United States is usually based on the limits of the coverage plan. There are mainly two coverage is comprehensive coverage plan and this covers all situations that may face you while visiting the United States: trip cancellation, trip interruption/delay, lost baggage and medical /emergency assistance. The other coverage plan is fixed benefit plan that usually covers just a few of the situations that you may face while visiting the United States. The difference between these two plans can also be found in the amount of premiums charged. The comprehensive coverage plan usually charges higher visitor insurance premiums. Another difference that exists is based on the coverage of your pre-existing medical conditions. Some insurance companies  cover your pre-existing conditions while others don’t.

The difference between the comprehensive coverage plan and the fixed/limited coverage plan are usually in terms of the benefits you as the visitor will get as follows:

Trip cancellation.

This enables you to be reimbursed a certain portion of your cost for the trip. If you meet certain conditions.

 Things that are covered include:

  • Death of a family member
  • Sometimes job loss,
  • Your own illness
  • Illness of a travel partner.

Things not covered:

  • Careless forgetting of your passport.
  •  Denied to board your plane for any reason.
  • Missing a flight because of your negligence.

Trip delay or Interruption

This enables you to be reimbursed a certain part of your already defined amount if your trip is actually and truly delayed or interrupted and you cannot continue with your trip.

 You will only be reimbursed:

  • if the interruption is caused by flight delay
  • There is documented theft of your travel documents.
  • Your illness, injury or death of your travel partner or family member.
  • Due to weather issues

Lost Baggage

This enables you to be reimbursed if your baggage is all together lost. Payments are usually 100 percent of the price of the lost items if you can produce their purchase receipts and between 50 and 70 percent if you cannot produce the receipt.

Things not covered:

  • Money
  • Tickets
  • Eye glasses
  • Prosthetic limbs

Medical /Emergency Assistance cover

This covers you or your traveling partner in the event of an emergency or illness or death.

Most visitor insurance covers are based on these benefits and thus they are the main causes of differences.

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